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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It's a good thing I have Linux

This afternoon, my wife had to turn the computer off after a crash. It wouldn't boot back up. Even in safe mode, it would stop after some driver in Mup.sys.

It's a good think I have Linux on that machine too, I booted into linux and used the ntfsprogs package to look around the data in the Windows partition. I was able to copy all the data that mattered into another drive for backup. I really should be making cd backups on a regular basis. The ntfsclone utility reported that there were errors I needed to fix before I could use that though.

Anyway, I booted into the Windows Recovery Console to use the chkdsk utility. It reported there were unrecoverable errors that could not be fixed. Well, at this point I've decided that I get to re-install. I booted back into the Windows install CD and attempted to re-install Windows. It reported that there was an error with that drive. Good Grief.

So I booted back to Linux (again a good thing I have it on there), reformatted that drive (it works fine), and then booted back to Windows. At this point, the install is started and seems to be going well. For some reason though, Windows assigned the letter J to the drive.

Why doesn't Windows just work? (Like Linux).


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