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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fun with Rain

Last week we had the big Family Reunion out at the Muhlestein Cabin. Lots of fun there of course.

As usual, Saturday afternoon was time to take a spin on the bikes. It had rained earlier in the day settings us back a bit but we didn't haul motorcycles all the way back home to let them sit. I think we got started around 4:30 or 5:00 pm.

Jed said, "We're going to ride every trail on the mountain as fast as we can".

We started out going somewhere between slow and fast as we can. Seth (bother in law) came along riding my dad's new CRF450R. He was probably going as fast as he could. When we got on the first trail, it started to sprinkle just a little. During the trail it started to rain a little more steady but was still light enough that we thought we'd just keep riding. By this time we were on the back side (West) of the mountain. At the end of that trail we headed North up toward the top of the mountain and our next trail. There weren't a lot of places to go between the two trails so and we could see some pretty heavy rain coming up the draw.

We were already soaked pretty good, but when rain started coming down so heavy we couldn't see, I pulled over under a tree. Soon Jed and Seth were there too and we waited the bulk of the storm out for a while. We were so soaked that we could squeeze our gloves together and water would stream from them. We shivered a little too but not too bad.

When the rain let up a bit, off we went. We didn't have too much trouble with mud on the trails. What we really lacked was time though. We got to the North-West side of the Mountain and then started back on another trail. We realized about 1/2 through this trail that we really needed to ride a little faster.

My dad's bike had a bald back tire and Seth kept having trouble starting it so Jed and Seth traided bikes for a while. Seth said the YZ250 felt like a toy after the 450. After a little more, I traded my CR500 for the 450 and Seth rode my bike back to the road.

At this point, we really needed to hurry. Good thing Seth was there to help us keep pace or Jed and I may have run off the road. There were a few slick spots on the last trail but we made it up even with Dad's bald back tire. About the time we got to the last 4 wheeler road it was pretty dark. At this point, we started riding quite slowly. Jed just tried to stay between the trees, Seth just went where Jed went, and I just went where Seth went.

We made it all the way back to within a few minutes of the cabin and then my dad came driving up the road. He followed us back (we could see with the truck headlights now). We'd have made it anyway, but thought it was nice not to have to drive in the dark any more.


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