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Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Big Purple Spot

Sometimes, something happens that is so stupid that you can't help laughing. This time, Gayla couldn't help laughing. I'm sure you'll enjoy too.

At one point or another, every child has one of those stick on basketball hoops. They have great big suction cups on the bottom so that you can slam dunk the foam basketballs and they won't pop off whatever wall or bed they happen to be stuck to at the moment. Well, Scott and Dallin have one of those, but they had pulled it off the bed it was stuck too. Only one of the suction cups came off with the hoop though, the other stayed stuck on the bed.

I thought to myself, those things really do stick pretty good. So I pulled it off myself. The boys and I started to have fun with it. We tried sticking it on the walls, mirrors, whatever. Then I stuck it to my forehead. Wow, that thing could even stay stuck on my forehead pretty well.

Scott and Dallin thought it was really funny to give it a good tug pop it off of my forehead. Well, laugh away, here is the result of our play:

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So Today, being Sunday, we had a few things scheduled. First of all, the Ward Secretary called and asked if we could say the opening and closing prayer in church. Next, I had to teach Sunday School. Finally, We were supposed to take family pictures with all Gayla's inlaws after Church. Not a bad day to have a big purple spot on your forehead.

Things turned out ok I guess. I made Gayla run to the store and buy some cover-up stuff. (She didn't have any). Also, not everyone could be there for pictures so we didn't have to worry about that. It'll be interesting to see how many days it takes to get my normal color back.


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