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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

No deer for me this weekend

We spent the weekend in Monticello. I had only two things on my agenda: Hunt deer and ride motorcycles. I'll post more about the motorcycle stuff later.

So here is the hunting story. On Friday night I hiked a ways up the mountain where Dad said he had a tree stand. I guess I didn't pay close enough attention to where the stand was, because after hiking up the hill a while, I still hadn't found it. I did spook out one doe that watched me for a bit. No luck seeing any other deer though. I found a place where deer would come into a small meadow and waited on the trees there for a while until it got too dark.

Saturday morning Dad and I drove around and looked for anything. It was really weird because we didn't see anything at all. (Other than a couple more does on the way there.)

Saturday night I rode my motorcycle to a place that I could hike to a different tree stand Dad had put up. I hiked a little past where it was but eventually figured out where I needed to go to find it. I spooked out 3 more does up the hill. When I was about to the tree stand there was one more doe.

After I found the tree stand and waited a bit, it started to lightning and thunder a whole bunch. Then it started to rain a lot. Finally, when it stopped raining, I saw one more doe walk by. Hmn. Not too much luck finding deer with horns this weekend. Anyhow, since I was cold and it was dark, I hiked back down the hill. Jed and Ben picked me up so I didn't have to ride my motorcycle home in the dark.


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