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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I'm beginning to hate eBay

Well, I decided that I should relist that laptop. Here is the newly listed (and newly ended) item.

Guess what, the outcome was the exact same as last time. Some Nigerian Scammer used the buy-it-now option again. The funny thing is, they used a pretty much canned response exactly the same as the last scammer:

Compliment of the season to you. I am Mark Tunnell from Mesquite,USA.But Presently i am leading a conventional church program in London. I saw your item advert on ebay and i'm interested in buying it for my daughter who is studying a Computer Science Course in the University of Lagos (Nigeria) and i will handle the shipment expenses.I will send you my personal fedex account number after the payment so that you can ship the item to her without paying any shipment fee. I will be sending you payment via PayPal,So kindly send me your (PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS) so as to immediately make out my payment to you. Make sure you get the package ready for immediate or next day shipment okay?.You can ship the item as soon as you receive the paypal confirmation mail. Expecting your reply so as to immediately make out my payment for this item purchase.Mail me back it's urgent.

So now, I have to get my money back AGAIN. I find it funny that people trying to do this Scam can't come up with something on their own. Heck, if they were going to really try to pay with PayPal, why don't they just not mention their Daughter in Nigeria? I suspect if I were stupid enough to send this guy my paypal address, he'd just send a forged paypal email that appears as if I had received payment. Who knows? Who Cares?

I just want somebody legitimate to bid on the item so I can get rid of it.


Blogger Dennis said...

Thought I'd post an update. eBay came through and refunded my listing fee for the item :). Now I'm back to ground 0. 1 Laptop to sell. No buyers :(

3:12 PM  

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