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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fathers and Sons

This last weekend I went camping with the boys on our Ward's annual Fathers and Sons campout. Here is us getting ready to leave:

As you can see, we have 3 little boys and a motorcycle in the back. For some reason, Scott wasn't very happy at the moment I took this picture. I think it was taking too long to actually leave or something.

Scott and Dallin and Tim all had a great time camping. They played in the dirt, rode on the motorcycle, and even slept through the night fairly well. We didn't have tables, so it was sort of a problem feeding Tim. I did have his portable chair that is supposed to hang on the edge of a table. I just sat him in that in the back of the truck and it worked ok.

During the night, Tim wasn't very used to having to sleep in a sleeping bag. He kept trying to kick it off of him. Finally, I just gave up and pulled him over by me. He wasn't too bad but I didn't sleep that well. In the morning, Tim woke up first and just sat up and looked around. Probably 5 minutes or so later, he finally starting making these little grunting noises and laughing at himself. Then he went over and trampled over Scott and Dallin until they all got out of bed too.

We had a good time and plan to have many more camping adventures.


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