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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Flat Tires

For some reason, we can't seem to keep the air in any of our bike tires this summer. When I say any, I really mean ANY too. I'm not sure how they got flat, but at the start of the summer I had to replace both of Gayla's (actually Holly's bike that Gayla is borrowing) tires and one of the kid carrier tires. I have a patch kit too. We bought too tubes and I thought that I'd just use one and patch the other one and then we'd have an extra tube. That worked for a while, but within a week or so, the tire was flat again so I just put the new tube in.

One of our neighbors gave us a bike for Scott to ride. He has a smaller one he learned to ride on but has outgrown it. We'll just save that one for Dallin. It wasn't long after he started riding it around that it had a flat back tire. I think the tire just had too many miles on it. It was quite bald and the tube was pretty thrashed. (He rode it a bit after it was flat.) I bought a new tire and a new tube and fixed that back up.

All our Flat TiresThen the other day, I had the kid carrier with Dallin and Tim. Scott was riding around with me following to supervise. We rode over by some dirt so Scott could play around on. I didn't notice until a couple days later, but there were little brambles or sticker things that had stuck in the tires. (There were just way too many holes to patch this time.) Gayla went to K-Mart to buy two more tubes for her bike and a new tube for Scott's bike. While replacing those 3 tubes, I noticed that the other tires were flat too. That's right, 6 tires were flat not 3. We didn't go ride bikes that night.

A couple nights later, Gayla bought 3 more tubes, I did the grunt work and we were able to finally ride bikes again.

Well, it's been a few days since we last rode bikes. I wandered by the bikes in the garage and noticed that Gayla's back tire and one of the kid carrier tires are flat again. There were so many stickers in those tires that I was bound to miss one or two. Hopefully I'll get them all this next time around!


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I'm sure the store appreciates your purchases.

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