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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pretty colors in the mountains.

Saturday Jed and I rode motorcycles up above Heber. We were at the very top of the mountain if you go up past Tibble Fork in American Fork Canyon. We rode a good 2 1/2 hour loop around some of the peaks up there. We wanted to make sure we got at least one last good trail ride before the beautiful fall colored mountains become winterized and unrideable.

Here are some of those pretty fall colors. We had a great ride. It's worthy to note that whenever I ride with Jed, I don't have to wait for anyone. There was one part where I was ahead of him and got to test out a slippery hill. He had to wait for me to get out of the way for a tiny bit there. There were patches of snow on a lot of the North facing slopes and for some reason, I couldn't seem to get quite enough speed at the bottom to make it up all the way. Jed was sure to get a picture of me pushing my bike up the last part but I'll leave that part to your imagination.

We saw lots of other people (considering the weather) up on top of the mountain. There were a few hunters on horses and a few other people riding bikes. Some of the guys on bikes (coming down the trail) didn't think we could make it up the ice trails but they, having never met us before, were unaware of our history of going places that other people say you can't.

All in all, we had a fun time. Just as we got back to the truck, a few drops of rain started to sprinkle. I suppose our next ride may be down at a little lower elevation.


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